planet_earth_courtesy_nasa1_sm.jpg Global Days of Listening

Welcome to the work area for the Global Days of Listening. 

Those who have experienced the potential of these calls meet here to build better Global Days of Listening.

Everyone is welcome in the spirt of good will.

Kindly send us a note expressing your wish to help.  It is pretty straight forward.  Those who are involved heard about this, experienced it and began networking.  So, please spread the word.  It is possible to venture out on behalf of the GDoL team and invite the ordinary people of ... Egypt, for instance.  We are now in touch with only a few - and the expansive potential of the internet is yet to be really tapped by Global Days.

Please help us grow the conversations.  

Conversations are continued on the 21st of each month beginning at 10 am Eastern Time (US) and last for at least four hours.  

The 24-hour "Skype-athons" happen the weekend closest to the solstices and equinoxes - with the exception of the autumnal equinox.  September 21 - the International Day of Peace - we hold firm.  And for about 24 hours talk with everyone on that day.

Send your comments, or express your interest, to

We look forward to hearing from you,

the Global Days of Listening team


More about the international calls:

Many schools and peace-oriented groups have talked to the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers & there are several people focusing on this endeavor.

An effort is under way to involve the ordinary people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine/Israel, Egypt and other places.  Your willingness to assist here will be much appreciated.

This website is very new and now has two people working on it part-time.  We'd love your help here!  So much could be done . . . & we can keep the site clean and appealing.   

There are a few who have donated funds toward the calls and internet expenses.  This also an are of great need.  See the "How To Support" page.

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