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GDoL - Special Project #1  Clean Water Delegation Diary
Several members of the Global Days of Listening Team were inspired by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers to learn more about the real needs of ordinary Afghans.  The Afghanistan Clean Water Delegation will be arriving in Kabul and Bamiyan in September of 2011.  They will participate in the Days of Listening on the International Day of Peace, September 21.

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     Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers are joined by others from Open Society, Kabul
     and share their desire for peace with blue scarves - as in the sky above all of us!
Peace & Clean Water Delegation headed to Afghanistan

Hi {FIRST_NAME|friends on the paths to peace},

This September Larry Kerschner, my wife Jody and I will visit Kabul and Bamiyan, Afghanistan. 
During our time there we will:
  • bring training and construction supplies for bio-sand water filters through Friendly Water for the World and DACAAR, a Denmark-based NGO that's successfully been doing humanitarian work in Afghanistan for 27 years,
  • provide GIS training for DACAAR in Kabul,
  • work with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers in Bamiyan - with whom we will build and teach about bio-sand water filters, as well as join them in several Global Days of Listening,
  • connect with women's cooperatives, and
  • write and speak about all of these experiences back in the States and elsewhere.
We will celebrate the International Day of Peace (IDoP) according to the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers' wishes to be with us in the mountains of Bamiyan.  We will join the GlobalDaysOfListening, September 21, 2011, from Afghanistan.
The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (AYPVs) inspired the creation of Global Days of Listening as well as this journey of ours to Afghanistan.  When we heard from one of the AYPV's mother that one of their greatest needs was for clean water - we knew there was something concrete we could do.   And so, ... we're headed to Afghanistan for the month of September.
One in five Afghan children do not live to be five years old, due in large measure to water-borne diseases. 
Only 45% of the Afghan people have access to potable water. 

We invite you to join us by reading our dispatches.  You can also become part of the project by contributing financially - please use the link to FOR's donation page, below.  Your contribution will have a long-term beneficial impact:
The welded steel molds used to make the bio-sand water filters cost $500 USD to produce in Afghanistan; we're having two made.  Each mold can produce a 3-foot tall concrete water filter every day.  For about $20 USD a family-sized water filter can be made for an Afghan home - by Afghans - who then teach others in their village.

Thank you for your help on this project, and kindly spread the word.  You can connect us to others who will want to read our updates.

As our Afghan friends have asked - we also ask:

      why not love,

Larry, Jody and Douglas
Afghanistan Peace & Clean Water Delegation of FOR and FWFTW
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Kindly support this clean water and 'Global Days of Listening' delegation so that it will be a success . . .
Your donation can be given safely via the internet through the Fellowship of Reconciliation: donation page.
Please specify In honor of: "Afghanistan Clean Water Delegation."
Douglas c/o Global Days of Listening • 5515 40th Ave. SW, Olympia, WA 98512 • 360-485-3764


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